Zambezi River Hippo Camp
 The Zambezi River Hippo Camp exhibit at the Memphis Zoo opened to the public today. I was there for about two hours before thunder storms started. It certainly is a well done exhibit with the main attraction, the Hippos in much better environment then the “cement pond” they lived in for decades. Besides the Hippos the Memphis Zoo also has Patas Monkeys, Nile Crocodiles, Okapi, Flamingos, Nyala, and many different birds in the aviary.

The Hippos have a large “stream” to swim in with underwater viewing windows and stocked with African Cichlid fish. The other side of the stream houses three Nile Crocodiles, with the largest being 14 feet long and weighing 900 pounds! it looks like a dinosaur straight out of Jurassic Park. The Nile Crocs also have an underwater viewing area. The Flamingo area houses the Chilean flamingos that have been at the Zoo for a long time, but they have started to transition the flock to the Lesser Flamingo which is native to Africa and more colorful. Besides the flamingo “river” the Zambezi exhibit also has an open flight aviary where you can see Demoiselle Cranes, Blue Bellied Rollers, Taveta Weavers, and others. Since it is a free flight aviary I suggest a hat when you visit.

The new Zambezi River Hippo Camp exhibit adds many new photographic opportunities to the Memphis Zoo. Since it was about to storm the light was not good so I had to shoot at high ISO and did not have much time to observe the animals. However I did manage a few shots, click on the images below to enlarge. Let me know what you think in the comments.

M. Pachis

Hippopotamus Crocodile Patas Monkey  Egret

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