Buying a Zoo membership may not sound like a photography tip but it really is for several reasons. To get good images you are going to have to go frequently to capture compelling animal behavior. The two images below are examples of catching interesting behavior. The big cats, like our house cats, spend most of their day sleeping. Catching them engaging in some thing other than laying around is a matter of luck.

The image of the Cheetah on the “termite mound” was the only time I have seen them jump up and strike a pose. Gaining a lookout perch is common behavior in the wild. I’m not sure what prompted him to do that, but I was there with my camera when it happened. The second picture of the Lion snarling was when I was leaving the Zoo for the day and I heard the male Lion roaring. I hurried over to the exhibit and he only displayed for a few moments before he settled down again.

A Zoo membership is so economical you will not hesitate to go to the Zoo on the chance you might catch some interesting behavior. A membership will keep you informed on new additions to the Zoo and special events that might yield photographic opportunities.  Finally you are supporting a worthy organization that is educating and advancing conservation. 

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