Call of the Wild

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Welcome to my completely redesigned website, M. Pachis Photography 2.0. I put up the original website in 2013 shortly after I retired and took up photography. At that time I was not sure what kind of photographer I would become. I enjoyed many genres of photography, and still do. I have posted a variety of images on my previous website. As time went on, my largest body of work became animals, specifically the wildlife found at the Memphis Zoo. I will still photograph many different subjects, but decided to dedicate this redesigned site to the animals I love.

With the redesign of this website I placed a priority on a clean design that put the images at the forefront, from the slide show on the home page to the thumbnails in the galleries that when clicked on display in a large format. I have also included many new photographs from my recent work. The portfolio will be kept fresh with new images and the blog fresh with new posts on how to create dramatic animal portraits.

I would love to hear what you think about the redesign of the website, please leave your comment below.

M. Pachis

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