I have not posted in awhile, some times life gets in the way. Most of my photographic posts have been technical in nature. However no matter how technically perfect a photograph maybe if it does not have impact for the viewer it fails. Edward Weston said “Composition is the strongest way of seeing”. There are composition guidelines that help, but do not follow them slavishly, they are guidelines. If you learn the guidelines you will also know why and when to break them.

You can see a basic list of composition guidelines here. I recommend reading the list then watch a video by Scott Kelby called “Crush the Composition”. Scott is a well known photographer and instructor. He breaks down composition by going over his own photographs and how he made them stronger using composition guidelines. It is an entertaining video, watch it on YouTube here

Improve your composition and it will take your photos from snapshots to masterpieces. 

M. Pachis

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